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The Rich Lab uses computational neuroscience in research centered on a fundamental question: How does the brain benefit from biophysical diversity at the level of neurons and microcircuits?

The lab utilizes a wealth of tools from computational neuroscience, including the creation of biophysically detailed models of individual neurons, the study of in silico neuronal microcircuits, and mathematical analysis of more abstract models of large-scale brain activity, in this endeavor. This research is focused on understanding of how experimentally characterized sources of heterogeneity and diversity in the brain contribute to physiologically relevant brain function and, conversely, how observed disruptions to this variability might promote a range of neuropathologies.

  • A graphical abstract of work by Rich et. al. published in Cell Reports in 2022. Cells taken from epileptogenic regions of the brain show reduced heterogeneity in their excitability than those taken from control brain regions as characterized via patch clamp recordings. When implemented in computational models, systems with reduced heterogeneity show dynamics reminiscent of seizure activity.

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  • The Rich Lab is Open!
    The Rich Lab has officially opened, as of January 2024, in the Department of Physiology and Neurobiology at UConn.

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